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My CPA firm offers homeowners associations an accounting and billing service more comprehensive than that provided by a property management company, at 1/3 the cost.  Services include accounting, billing, tax, audit, and consulting. Usually these services are provided as part of one contract, but they can also be individually contracted.

Accounting & Billing Services

Every homeowner will be billed monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending upon the requirements of the homeowners association.  We maintain detailed accounting records of all charges to owners and payments made to their accounts, as well as all other financial transactions of your association.

Tax Services

Usually there are two tax alternatives for homeowners associations -- filing as an exempt homeowners association using form 1120H or filing as a normal corporation using form 1120A. The association's tax return will be prepared using tax alternatives that will result in the minimum federal tax liability.

Audit Services

As a CPA firm licensed in Virginia and the District of Columbia, I can perform the annual audit of your homeowners' association.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are routinely provided to our homeowners association clients at no additional charge. Consulting services include assisting in the development of annual operating budget, annual reserve budget, and policies and procedures required to protect the assets of the association.