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Services -- Accounting & Billing

Using our years of auditing and management experience, we have developed a computerized accounting system specifically for homeowners associations. The reports you will receive each month will detail all the association's financial activity and form a complete set of accounting records. They are easy to use and satisfy all legal and accounting requirements.

Monthly reports include:

  • Comprehensive accounts receivable statements and delinquency reports

  • Month-to-month and year-to-date comparative revenue and expense statements and cash flow statements

  • A general ledger of all accounting transactions

  • Detailed listing of all disbursements and collections

  • Budget versus actual expense and revenue comparisons

  • Detailed summary of invoices sent to each homeowner showing regular, special, late, legal, and any other assessments

  • Listing all homeowners and billing addresses showing any changes in ownership that occurred in prior month

  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts in the operating and reserve funds.

Monthly reports can be mailed and/or emailed to the association. Emailed reports are formatted for display and printing in Acrobat Reader. This gives the association a permanent, computer-stored record of all accounting transactions and bank statements. It also allows the association to easily provide homeowners who request to inspect the organization's books a computerized copy of the records. Call me and I will provide you samples of these monthly reports.

Internet access to all homeowner accounts:

In addition to reports that are printed and/or emailed monthly, the status of all homeowner accounts -- showing a detailed history of all charges and payments made to each account -- is available via the internet, with password security.